BMW Chopper to Born Free 2022

It feels a little surreal just typing this but the bikes somewhere in the middle of the ocean travelling at a very slow rate of knots aboard a massive container ship bound for Long Beach California.

In just a few weeks time I get to fly over to LA and meet it again. But first let me give you a quick refresher on the build. This bike has been constructed during a period of time where nothing was normal, in testing circumstances I built the bike with one goal in mind, to roll it into one of the most prestigious bike shows in the world… The Born Free Show.

The excitement of it all waned as the show was cancelled, then rescheduled, my visa was rejected and the years just rolled on, the bike sat around for far too long and then boom! The borders opened up, the events were rescheduled and I was back on track.

I thought it would be best to revisit the bike and sum up the build in this video before I loaded into the container and strapped it down for its long journey to the USA.

If you are in Southern California and want to meet me and check this bike out then head on down to the Born Free Show it’s bound to be a wild weekend with some of the most amazing machines on display. I honestly cant wait and its been a long time coming.

If you want to catch up on the build you can follow this collection of blog posts.

Post 1 The removal of the stock R9T Engine.

Post 2 The layout and mockup of the bike on the JIG.

Post 3 Making the frame and the front end along with acquiring the parts to make it run.

Post 4 The biggest push yet, working on it non stop to get it ready for display.

Post 5 Making the wheels.

Post 6 The finished bike.

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