Road to Born Free 3

Showing up at Born Free I realised I forgot something…… CHROME. More on that in a minute but I hope you enjoy this video. It’s my first time trying to video an event, it really taught me a few things, the first was to let the event move around the camera rather than the other way around.

2 days before the show we unloaded the bikes and had a builders meeting, this gave us all a chance to meet each other and prepare our bikes for the show. In an unfortunate series of events I completely lost my voice on the trip over, a lot of these guys are my heroes and I would of done anything to be able to have an easy conversation with them all.

That being said I met some amazingly talented good people that weekend.

I don’t get to see bikes like this all the time, I mentioned chrome earlier, it’s one thing we struggle with in Australia, I have tried and failed to find a chrome plater that 1, will take on this work and 2, do it at a price I don’t have to mortgage my house for.

Chrome against the blue Californian sky and green grass just adds so much life to these rolling pieces of art.

A bike without it can still be cool though!

Bikes came from all around the world, what I love about this show is it’s as REAL as it gets, what I mean by that is there’s no false promises here, it’s essentially ran by three people who pull there friends into help, the community and the people who display there bikes make it what it is.

Speaking of real…… looks good right? Well the looks are a by product of its performance, I was excited to meet Alp from Alp Racing Design who builds the fastest bikes in the world. He is a down to earth guy with an eye for looks and an ear for performance.

It’s not all dudes either, Becky from “Actually its Axle” built this one and says “its for the girls” FTG. Love to see it!

Race bikes are the best choppers and I love to see the similarities in competition vs show bikes.

The Vans Vert Ramp was going off all weekend.

The BMW got a lot of love and I want to send a big thank you to all of the great people who stopped to have a chat about it.

It’s not all about Harleys but they do make up the large majority of bikes and it’s for a good reason!

As you will see in the video I was grateful just to have made this event, getting on the plane was a win in my eyes and to take away two awards was the icing on a very sweet cake!

Thanks for reading/ watching.

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