Taking a TIG to a Triumph

I spent some time this week working on both of my good friend Lukey Luke’s Triumph Street Triple 675 stunt bike. I started work on LL’s current stunt bike, fixing up a few small bits and p...

Quick Snap – Bikie Wars

Its been busy times in the shed, my good friend Luke dropped off his bikes for a little bit of fabrication work, ill do a dedicated post in a few days when its all done.

KTM Cafe – Thats a wrap

So three weeks ago while riding my KTM through the forest to Apollo Bay i was thinking about the possibilities of transforming the bike into something a little different. I accepted the challenge and ...

KTM Cafe – Quick look

A quick look at my KTM, its slowly getting there, tank is all finished and the tail just needs a buff and its done aswell. Before i ride it ill have to make some rear sets as the seating position is a...

KTM Cafe – Moving along

Tonight my KTM took more shape, more sheet metal work, some TIG welding and a lot of stencils and cutting. Read on for more details.

KTM Cafe? In detail

                                                      My KTM is l...

2 Wheel Teaser

This last week I have been busy in the shed turning my motocross bike into something a little more handsome, ill do a full post tonight in detail but for now heres the teaser.

ETS Model Motorcycle

This is something i have been dying to post. Over the last couple of weeks the urge to build a motorcycle has been strong, until the Hilux is finished i won’t be building one in full scale so i ...