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I was on a lunch time ride last thursday when i came across John Jovic doing a photoshoot on a car, he took a few snaps of the bike so i thought its a good chance to do a bit of a follow up post on how its been going.

I had a few issues with the tank sealing, the resonance from the motor has just ripped apart the welds, i had enough so i removed the tank, cut it up and made a smaller tank inside, it holds 10 litres and sits low in the chassis which helps handling. I then welded the tank back up and added a fresh coat of clear this time with exposed weld marks.

I had to “burn” the tail aswell to suit. I raised the rear shock to keep the tire away from the numberplate, under strong acceleration and big bumps the tire pounded the rear light and numberplate actually ripping them both off.

Im really enjoying this bike and have considered selling it to build another, anyone keen? Thanks John for the photos.

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  1. Nigel I have been absolutely in love with this bike since day one it is amazing!!! Please huck me an email with an roundabout price that perhaps you would be looking for [email protected]


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