Fuji Speedway – Vans and Bikes

After wanting a van for months before my Japan trip i took lots of intrest in the japanese “van life”, one reason i would love one is to carry the motorbikes around, well there was plenty of likeminded guys at Fuji Speedway.

With ontrack sessions split up between three or four groups i took a walk around to check out the bikes in the pits.

And in true Japan fashion they were unbelievable

It was good to see their pit setup and what they carried around in the van.

The 200 series Hiace in Japan has all sorts of options that arnt available to us in Australia, this one has the higher roof option.

If you dont have tyre warmers on then your obviously doing it wrong.

Theres probably more Ducatis in Japan than Europe, they are a popular bike and a very good choice for track days.

Its very rare in Australia to see “full window” Hiaces, ive been looking for a while to get one and cant seem to find any. In Japan its the opposite, nearly all are full window and nearly all have the little side openings.

17 inch Prado wheels never looked so right, with the 200 series going to 6 stud its made fitting aftermarket wheels a little harder, with a towing capacity of only 1400kg i guess they just aligned it with the Hilux.

So the RH side opens

And the LH side opens, another option we miss out on in Aus.

On another track there were 1/2 size bikes competing against the clock.

The proportions made it hard to pick them from full size bikes.

They wernt slow either, both 4 and 2 stroke bikes seemed to be around the 150cc range.

I really wanted to get out there and string a few laps together, i always wanted to put Supermoto slicks on my pitbike.

On the other side of pitlane there were more full size bikes.

The riders were getting suited up to go out on the main circuit.

There was a streetbike ride day on, i can imagine this group would have made a nice morning ride together from Tokyo.

On another circuit this female rider was getting ready to head out for a session, Fuji Speedway seems home to just as much 2 wheel action as 4.

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