Taking a TIG to a Triumph

I spent some time this week working on both of my good friend Lukey Luke’s Triumph Street Triple 675 stunt bike.

I started work on LL’s current stunt bike, fixing up a few small bits and pieces then bracing the subframe so it can keep on withstanding LL’s abuse!

This is the subframe base that mounts above the rear pegs and onto the rear shock, i added this to both bikes to make sure that the frame can withstand the tail smashing against the ground on full vertical wheelies.

Like so

Next on the todo list was an engine frame to protect the casings, i used turned bosses and then connected the dots with tube.

I cut the factory rear off and added this little bar section with some thick steel for grinding against the road.

Now to get it all powder coated and hand it over to Lukey for a real workout!

  1. Avoid distractions, more work on the ute please! :p

  2. Nice looking work on the stunt bikes.

  3. Awesome brother! Welds look amazing! And that subframe support is a brilliant idea! Love you work Nige! Thanks so much bro!


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