180SX – Tunnel

The tunnel is coming along really well, its a real hassle TIG welding the original steel so ill be TIGing all the new steel and then migging everything that joins to the existing floor.

180SX – 2 become 1

As described in my last post on the 180SX the manifold to turbine housing gasket all but disappeared at the last drift meeting of 2011, so I thought I would fix things for good. After V ing out the BR...

ETS Drift Ute – The weekly report

Another week down and a heap more progress, whats happened this week, well heres a look.

ETS Drift Ute – Multi Tasking

Building a race car from nothing presents a heap of issues, so many that most wont even think of undertaking such a project. You always have to think about how many jobs a single mount can do, multita...

ETS Drift Ute – Rolling along

The drift utes progressing nicely, plenty of time on the TIG and loving it!

TIG Mask – ETS style

My new welding mask arrived, its adjustable for the finer TIG jobs. I quickly sprayed over the graphics that came with it and added some stickers!

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