ETS Model Motorcycle

This is something i have been dying to post. Over the last couple of weeks the urge to build a motorcycle has been strong, until the Hilux is finished i won’t be building one in full scale so i decided to make a model for my dad who’s birthday was yesterday. Read on for more details.

The tank seat and tail combo are all made from stainless 1.2mm sheet, i TIG welded them all together and buffed them to a nice shine.













The wheels i made out of some 4 inch pipe, each wheel houses 36 spokes made from TIG filler rod, the the hubs are machined from stainless and the rear suspension houses small springs, filler rod and machined ends and actually works.











The front wheel also has 36 radial laced filler wire spokes, i drilled all the holes in the rims, laced the spokes and then TIGed the end of the spokes so they sucked into the rim, i then linished the rim so that the black nylon i machined could slip over.


























The motor is made from a solid stainless barrel, a couple of bits of off cut tube, some copper tube for exhausts and a neat little bell mouth coming off the carby. The backdrop is a picture of the Bonneville Salt flats printed on some canvas and framed in stainless.











The bars are designed as low slung clip ons that emulate a classic salt flats racer, the headlights machined from solid stainless and the little mounts and levers are filler rod.



























Its been a really fun project and I’m stoked my dad loves it. How big is it you say? Well it measures 430mm long and it weighs a lot!

  1. Awesome work mate.

  2. how long did this take you to make? its awesome, id definately buy one if you made more haha!

  3. What a brilliant gift…I wish I had a fraction of your skill for fabrication!

  4. Awesome!

  5. that is truley a great present

  6. Its killer…. the perfect gift mate…One of a kind…

  7. Very creative! Can i reblog it?

  8. truely amazing!


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