ETS Drift Ute – Multi Tasking

Building a race car from nothing presents a heap of issues, so many that most wont even think of undertaking such a project. You always have to think about how many jobs a single mount can do, multitasking saves weight, clutter and makes removing items a little easier.


I built a hydraulic handbrake setup and added a wilwood bias lever into the gearbox mount. The handle for the handbrake raises 400mm up to sit next to the RB25 shifter. Ergonomics in the cabin will be spot on.

  1. Will you be running the Ikeya Shifter?

    Nice work, man.

    • Hrmm, i may make it fit and try it out, its meant for an SR box but ill give it a go.

  2. ya wrists sore yet from all the welding? Looks good old mate


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