Japan Day 3 – Interiors of MSC

For this post i want to look at the interiors of some of the cars at MSC, after reading an event wrap up on other blogs im always left wanting more so here it is.

New shed

Its a defining time in the world of ETS.

Custom knuckles

Ive been making custom knuckles for a few years now, i cant keep track of how many different angles and designs ive done. I started making them with no idea what to do, i learnt what worked the hard w...

Space is limited

Ive always followed lots of  japanese private tuner blogs and am often baffled how these guys work in such tight spaces.

S15s new front end

Well the front end of the S15 is coming along, aquired an ARC radiator and reused one of my old intercoolers. Did a bit of tubework aswell, not too happy with it but once i get a tube bender i can do ...

On Rails

When it comes to repairing the factory metal on a car after a crash i take things a little further than most. This car had some big damage but it was all isolated forward of the cross member.

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