Custom knuckles

Ive been making custom knuckles for a few years now, i cant keep track of how many different angles and designs ive done. I started making them with no idea what to do, i learnt what worked the hard way and never copied someone elses design. A lot of top drivers are using my designs and a lot of guys who want to try different angles get me to do one off designs.

These are my latest design, same tie rod pick up point just a different style of “cut” for the pewter S15

I never run “drop down” tie rod ends, the knuckle is already dropped around 35mm and to drop the tie rod any more would make it bump steer more (unless you have rollcenter adjusters or redrill the crossmember to lift the LCA) so all in all its a pretty simple process.

If your desperate for some then send me an email via the contacts page, ill have a shop up and running when the workshops done.

  1. wow mate these look the goods..

    how do you go about “making these”? do you send CAD drawings off somewhere and then they machine them or do you modify used parts or?

  2. Hey Nigel,

    I just wanted to get your advice on steering lock in particular getting more lock out of our setup. I have an AC Cobra with a shortened subaroo rack. We needed a small rack in order to keep to the suspension geometry to maintain correct bump steer. The problem that we then had was that the steering lock was terrible. We had the steering arm mount (the arm that comes from the hub assembly) shortened so that the rack connected closer to the centre of the hub making the ratio better which improved the lock however not enough. Is this affectively what you are doing ? is there another way to improve the steering lock?

    Thanks mate,


    Justin K.

    • Hi Justin, all i do to improve lock is basically what you have tried, you could start moving the knuckle pivot point in closer to increase the ratio even more but at the end of the day you are limited by rack and knuckle.

  3. Hey man when chucking these in a s13 with also lengthened lca, should i be putting rack spacers in??

    • Depends if you need to or not, every car seems to be different, some need them some dont.

  4. Hello. Can you make 2010 Chevy HHR SS knuckles? Thanks.


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