Japan Day 3 – Interiors of MSC

For this post i want to look at the interiors of some of the cars at MSC, after reading an event wrap up on other blogs im always left wanting more so here it is.

This is the pink Laurel we saw earlier

Nardi wheels pretty much rule the drift world in Japan

As do Bride seats, this is the crazy overfendered purple 180sx of team WINS 

A shot of the inside of the Garage Mori S14. Im not 100% sure what the STI water tank is used for (maybe intercooler spray).

Hydro handbrake was fitted and the factory handbrake was shifted to the left.

I found myself taking photos of the most simple setups, i guess it was refreshing to not see 145 point weld in cages and fully stripped interiors at the racetrack.

A neat S15 setup.

Very well sorted setup with a neatly intergrated bolt in cage that tied to0 the pillars.

An S14 running an S15 dash, a nice neat bolt in cage and what looks to be an RB25 gearbox conversion

Now thats a serious cage!

Thats it for the interiors of MSC, next we look at the action!!

  1. STi bottle is intercooler waterspray at least when fitted to an STi

  2. Good shots!

    You don’t have any more of the S14 with the S15 dash, do you? I’d like to see how they made the S14 door trims work with the new dash, as I’d like to do this myself.


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