Japan Day 7 – Ebina PA and Touge

Ive titled this Japan day 7 because it was around midnight by the time the action started happening at Ebina PA. We arrived here by the GPS co-ordinates our new drift friends (pictured above) gave us the night before, they said they would meet us at Ebina and go to the mountains from there.

Ebina PA was much more than a meet up spot for drifters it was another by the highway “car show” and we were stoked to see the vans here.

Vans of all shapes and sizes came out on the cold saturday night.

This was the wildest van of them all, it was massive!!

An alternators worst nightmare!

You might aswell charge your phone while you wait.

There where girls just having a good time.

Dancing to music coming out of a hydraulic assisted neon lit VIP car.

Awesome rims everywhere

Love the white barrels

More vans rolled past.

These guys were fitting bigger lowering blocks, why not?

Massive camber!!

The drift crew we were with were some of the nicest people we have ever met, to take us in like they did was fantastic, made us feel like part of the family.

We shared a few laughs and took some super happy snaps.

Once everyone was together we headed off to the mountains.

The fuel station at the bottom of the mountain was a good place to fill up.

This S15 was super neat.

The guys would take it in turns of going down the mountain and then racing back up, Casey went for a run and was amazed at the speed these guys were taking the tight corners, they were great drivers.

We heated the coffees on the rocker cover of the hire car (stupid exh mani heat shield)

Did some moves to keep us entertained.

Waved goodbye to everyone and headed to Tsukuba, it was 3 in the morning and we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us, we figured we would see how far we could get.

Next post D1SL!!

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  1. best night of my life…
    (L) yuki


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