Japan Day 7 – D1SL Pit Walks

You have seen the cars, the engine bays, the interiors and the action. Still want to see more? Well heres some other sights you may be interested in, i know i was.

Japan Day 7 – Action at Tsukuba D1SL

You couldnt have an event write up withought some action shots, my cameras not really up to the task of long distance clarity so ill post up a few that look ok.

Japan Day 7 – Cars of D1SL

Heres a wrap up of the cars that we saw in the pits of Tsukuba D1SL event.

Japan Day 7 – D1SL Engine Bays

In this post i want to look at D1SL engine bays, i just cant get enough of looking at the way the japanese tune the Sr20, there are cirtain rules in D1Sl but they mainly restrict the modifications don...