Japan Day 7 – D1SL Pit Walks

You have seen the cars, the engine bays, the interiors and the action. Still want to see more? Well heres some other sights you may be interested in, i know i was.

See they really are quiet normal, a mechanical diff, subframe collors, camber toe and traction arms, a diff breather can and coilovers.

Oh and an exhaust of course, D1SL must run a working catalytic converter and mufflers.

You have to love the Japanese drift scenes love for stickers. I havnt seen a Tinker Osaka drift team sticker for a while.

Yep thats all silver Carbon!!

The Venus Challenge competitor we saw in the last post put some love into her headlights.

I love these inspection stickers

Nakamuras car is so bright and colourfull, it oozes “drift cred” with its winner stickers.

I love the Street Junkies Skid Family stickers, Casey and i met a few other team members at Nikko the following day.

Super powers!!

To finish this post we have the Team Magician JZX110 driver and girlfriend watching the action.

Thats it from Day 7, its been a full on week in Japan, so much action and cool stuff going on. The action dosnt stop either, Day 8 will bring Nikko Circuit, Ikeya Formula, then Ebisu, then back to Nikko and much much more!!

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