Japan Day 7 – Action at Tsukuba D1SL

You couldnt have an event write up withought some action shots, my cameras not really up to the task of long distance clarity so ill post up a few that look ok.

Drivers would head out to the track between sessions to see how other drivers were doing.

The venus challenge was also run and won on this day with Sumika of Team Orange  taking the win.

Shes such a happy person, we spent a lot of time with her later on at Ebisu, thanks Sumika.

Always happy to have her photo taken and have a laugh.

The girls are fantastic drivers

They were extremely good looking aswell.

Nakamura may have won the event but he was forced to work dam hard for it.

There was never any doubt about how good these drivers are, the proximity tells the story.

All cars had B Pillar tyre rub marks after the battles.

Re-runs were very common although not being able to understand the commentry left us aking what happened a lot of the time.

Bais full silver Carbon 180sx was fast but he was eliminated in this run.

So good!!

Eventuall second place getter was this GPsports kitted S15

Well deserved and what a car, its a cut above some of the other machinery in the pits.

Nakamura saluting the crowd after his win.

As the sun sets for another day, its around 4pm here, the sun sets very early.

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  1. Arrrr find myself hitting this page up first thing when i get to work each day.. haha so much good dori. Cheers


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