Japan Day 7 – Cars of D1SL

Heres a wrap up of the cars that we saw in the pits of Tsukuba D1SL event. 

Nakamura speaking to the Mind Control Racing guys.

BN Kits are huge!!

The Tanaka engineering S14 was art!

Thye winning car, Nakamuras S13 would have to be one of the most abused cars of all time, to look at it from a distance it looks solid but up close it has the tell tale signs of a hard life, this is what makes the car famous in my eyes!!

This GPsports kitted 180sx was a sight, it sat in the carpark and looked so menacing, the MOTUL and Nismo stickers on the car stood out on the satin black paint.

I love the Wise Square additions to the body of this S15

I like snapping photos of cars with no rear bars, they look so good!!

Big red Toyotas and Blister kits go well together.

The car that came in 2nd on the day behind Nakamura

Just love this car!

TE37Vs on this 86 looked so good.

Odd headlights for a supra

The cars behind the pits always attract my attention, this S15 was serious.

To finish this post is a street S14 looking super neat in black on Rays Wheels. Hope you enjoyed the cars of D1SL, next post we look at Interiors.

  1. These cars all look so awesome, Formula D cars are so ugly.

  2. :O nice! Which wheels are those on the last S14. They look like wheels from a 370Z but I’m not sure :S

  3. Max above my is right, they are indeed 370Z wheels. Nakamura San’s S13 is downright DOPE!!!


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