Japan Day 7 – D1SL Engine Bays

In this post i want to look at D1SL engine bays, i just cant get enough of looking at the way the japanese tune the Sr20, there are cirtain rules in D1Sl but they mainly restrict the modifications done to the chassis not the engines.  Heres what i saw on an overcast Tsukuba sunday.

Trust turbos outnumbered all the other turbo companies when it comes to D1SL engines

Big oil coolers are a must in the heat of battle

Vmounts look spectacular but after doing a Vmount setup 5 years ago i would never do it again.

Dont be fooled by the silver carbon front tubs, in D1SL you have to retain factory wheelarches, these ones are just for looks.

A very neat setup, notice the small catch can next to the brake booster? Its a D1SL requirement to run a gearbox and diff breather/ catch can.

From another angle

This well sorted JZX100 was packing some heat!

But back to the SR20s, this S14 features a HKS30/37 turbine kit and neat intercooler water spray setup.

Printed engine bay looks fantastic, pitty the intercooler is bent like a banana

All cars required recirculated wastegates, this car didnt need to worry as it still ran an internal HKS setup.

This AE86 ran a TD06 setup and was really fast

I learnt a lot from this S15s setup, it was well done and retained a lot of factory gear.

This Laurel was well setup

Bais Origin sponsored 180sx was at the event.

Atmo AE86 really struggled against the big HP cars

Another SR setup

The Kids Heart R34 GTT

Nitrous and a big 30/37 turbo are an S15s dream.

Nitrous was pretty common through the D1SL competition cars

To finish off heres a shot of the MCR factory S14s rocker cover glistening in the sun. Hope you enjoyed the engine bays of D1SL and got some greast ideas from this post.

  1. Im getting idea’s already man haha!

  2. lot of high mount turbos 🙂 what are the manifold’s like?

    do they use stainless or steam pipe?

    off shelf items or custom made?

  3. HHmmm…. mostly pressure sensors aswell!

  4. All Japanese manifolds are stainless steel.


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