The road to Day in the Dirt

Let me start this post by saying that I have wanted to be a part of the RedBull Day in the Dirt for a long long time, growing up BMX and dirt bikes were life, its something I have never been able to shake nor would ever want to.

When it was announced earlier in the year that the event would be coming down under I quickly booked my camping tickets, even though it was over 2,000km away I knew if the event that I had watched succeed over in Southern California was even half as good down under then it would be worth it.

So I loaded up the 1969 Rickman Metisse in the back of my 1965 Econoline and prepped for a week on the road with my wife Celia.

The forecast wasn’t the best for our first day on the road, I took the Hume Highway to Goulburn and then headed east to the coast, pulling up in Huskisson for the night.

It was 12 hours of driving and the van didn’t miss a beat, these larger 15×10 wheels allow me to get a little more top speed out of her with a few less RPM’s.

Waking up in Jervis Bay was a nice start to our Tuesday.

But I had to get to Sydney for the TIG Skills night.

There is always time to stop and check out the coast though.

The road from Jervis Bay to Kiama is something I haven’t done a lot of so it was nice to break up the sights. After Kiama the road hugs the coastline.

It’s a popular road for Sydney siders to take a spirited drive.

Has to be one of the nicest coast roads in Australia.

If only Victoria’s Great Ocean Road had a little more time and money spent on it instead of constantly lowering the speed limit.

The TIG Night went well and then we hit the road again.

Spending the night in Coffs Harbour.

Heading in and out of the coast line.

Getting some sand and salt air to help with the natural weight reduction process called RUST!

Back in the van and set for a Day in the Dirt.

I met up with Max from Akin Moto and we all set up a communal camp.

We checked out the Dust Hustle TT track and readied our steeds for the first races.

There’s always a bunch of really good people at racetracks.

All keen to get their helmets on and bang bars.

It was great to see Max’s KTM 300 that I built take a beating, but it wasnt the only bike that I had built at this event.

Trent Woken brought along that Sporty I transformed a few years ago.

Heading out on the Rickman was something else though, I get a real kick out of taking an old machine and learning what it likes and doesn’t like.

It was the oldest bike at the event.

A bike that shaped this very event, Day in the Dirt was started by stuntmen of the LA film industry, perhaps inspired by the man Steve McQueen and this very bike.

The roar of that 650cc Desert Racer ripping up the TT track.

It was my first real ride on the bike and it was phenomenal.

It did everything that a modern motocrosser (well for a 1969 motorcycle that is) does and the handling was spot on!

Ok I might have rushed into the jumps as I quickly found it didn’t like to be overjumped.

It doesn’t feel like a heavy bike but it lands like one.

So I worked on my 1969’s large turn bar scrubs to keep the speed but minimise the pop.

It was a bunch of fun and I loved this layout of track.

If you looked at this photo you would be hard pressed to figure out if it was current day or in the 60’s.

I didnt want my race to end.

After this 20 minute moto I was really loving this bike, with every lap I got more and more in tune with it.

With a mouth full of dirt I was in heaven.

As the sun started to dip down behind the Queensland countryside it was time for the drag racers.

It was a good chance for each bike to be displayed.

And not to mention a good chance to race your mates, Max and his KTM came out the victor here.

It’s the mix of everything that I love about this event.

Where else can you see the finest riders in the world mix it with guys on Harleys with knobbies?

It’s a chance to just have a good time on your motorcycle with friends and mix it with the best of the best.

Not to mention the insane party’s that happen in the pits at night.

You cant miss next years event, get your bike, your swag, a few slabs of beer and load it all into the van.

Thanks to everyone along the way that made the trip up to QLD so successful, there’s more to come!

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