Halloween Hillclimb

After heading over the San Gabriel mountain range and experiencing the El Mirage dry lake it was time to head East.

After finding one of the best Japanese meals I have had in a long time in Victorville it was time to recharge the batteries and prepare for another action packed day in the USA.

Glen Helen Raceway has been somewhere I have wanted to visit for a long time, being obsessed with motocross for the last 25 years I have seen so many videos and read so many articles that I had to see it in the flesh.

Driving into the pits for the Hell On Wheels hillclimb meant I had to make my way past the regular track first.

I cant imagine how much fun this track would be to ride, I promised myself I would do it one day.

I spoke to a few people who were riding, there is nothing I would rather be doing on a Sunday either!

I have long been a fan of freeride trackdays like the “Day in the Dirt” event thats held here.

I miss just having a standard dirt bike so much.

Put the feet up between motos.

Sunday morning, church of dirt bikes!

I recognised a few of the riders, Sean Collier and also Caile Noble pitted next to each other.

But the misfits were up the back of the circuit and that’s what I was here to see.

Mike Davis invited me along after picking up the title for the Panhead I won.

Rad old bikes were littered throughout the pits.

There’s that excitement before the flag drops, you want to get all your gear on and bike warmed up.

The sound of an old 650cc Triumph with straight pipes is so sweet.

But it was about to get sweeter.

Some old Harleys sit in museums, some are used everynow and then and then there’s these guys, racing 70 year old bikes is such a refreshing thing to see.

Meet Jeff Moon and his WR Hillclimber, a genuine competition bike that’s value climbs as fast as the bike does.

Go Takamine had his Indian ready to go.

An influential guy that is Brat Style

But the pits were full of cool old bikes, this flat track Triumph racer made me wish that the Dan Rouit’s museum had of been opened.

Scott from Noise Cycles settling the dirt.

Old Harleys

New Harleys

This Sportster made me miss home, I am a sucker for a black Sportster

Time to slip on the blood bucket and get up to the top.

A few warm up laps.

A little banter.

Then wait around.

Until the flag drops.

This VW powered trike had everyone holding their breath, their was word in the pits that the pilot was a mad man and nothing would stop him from making it to the top.

He came down as he went up….. In style!

I only hung around for one round of racing.

But it was worth it.

Jeff’s WR was a real highlight.

He knows how to make it work too.

Such a fun event with a heap of great people.

I’ll ride Glen Helen one day, but for now I need to get to Willow Springs and add another racetrack to the list of sights seen!

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