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  • Machine Shopping

    It has been a crazy few months here in the ETS garage, there has been monumental changes in both the layout of my workshop and the capabilities that lie within it. I had big plans but little room, something had to give, I completely went through my entire garage and sold everything that I didn’t […]

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  • Working on the Workshop

    Wow, it has been a big few months, as I write this I am sitting on a plane to Sydney (presenting the Sidchrome Project car for this year) and realise it is the only spare hour I have had in a long time where I am forced to sit and do nothing, so Ill write. […]

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  • Creating the Business – Southside Visit

    Big thanks to Belinda and Jason from Southside for the visit and the subsequent photo set for their blog. Their visit coincided with the completion of the HiRider V2 project that has now set sail for Italy. It’s probably a good chance to get a little personal and let you know where my heads at. […]

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  • Flats Movie – Now available on Insight TV

    If your new around here and have not seen the FLATS Movie then you can see it via Insight TV an exciting time for our production team and a huge stepping stone into the international market. We had a great time making it and look forward to more good times ahead!

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  • Dragging up the past

    I started writing this post a few months ago, I was trying to afford a trip to the USA for two weeks to visit the Pamona Swap Meet followed by the NHRA museum and then the Hot Rod Reunion to see the cars of the 1960’s in action. I decided to concentrate on the roots […]

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  • Shops open for business

    I feel like 2016 has been nothing new, what it has been though is rewarding, I fought off the urge for more projects and focused on the ones I currently have. Tying up loose ends in the garage has been one thing, the website has been another. The name “Engineered to Slide” was coined just […]

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  • Garage Tour Video – My Workspace

    Let me begin by saying this is something I have always wanted to do but never got around to it, the interactive garage walk around video has been rolling through my mind for a while now, I never like to do things by half’s and a go-pro walk around wasn’t going to cut it for […]

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  • Flats Movie – Now Available

    The Flats Movie is now available to rent or own, follow us on our quest to set a land speed record. FLATS from Matte Media on Vimeo. Remember you can get all the details on the build of the bikes on my previous posts. Thanks for the support!

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  • Flats Premier – New Zealand

    It all began in a fast paced series of events, 14 months ago I set out on an adventure to set a land speed record, compelled to tell my story I took with me a team of friends and we all worked through the stages to get to this point. It was another world for […]

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