Creating the Business – Southside Visit

Big thanks to Belinda and Jason from Southside for the visit and the subsequent photo set for their blog.

Their visit coincided with the completion of the HiRider V2 project that has now set sail for Italy.

It’s probably a good chance to get a little personal and let you know where my heads at.

I feel a real shift this year, 2017 was so productive that I started 2018 with a completely clear perspective on my future.

I think the majority of that shift came from my American Adventure, not a day goes by where I don’t flick back through my photos with fond memories of the open road. With my 1951 Panhead (the bike I won) home safe, registered and running like perfection it just blows me away how lucky I am to have something like this in my garage.

When I look around the garage there are personal achievements every where I look.

From Land Speed Records to scratch built race cars, its all been a wild adventure and the backbone of the Engineered To Slide brand.

Because at the end of the day Engineered To Slide has been my 10 year build and a personal legacy of mine.

It’s never stood still and is always growing and expanding.

The only roadblock is time, Engineered to Slide is a one person after hours operation.

My dream would be to do it full time, after thinking about it for so long I feel like I owe it to myself to atleast do something in 2018 to create a divide that will see me go down either direction.

The only thing I want is to spend more time in an environment I am passionate about.

Thanks for tuning in, 2018 has started with a bang and I am going to carry on the momentum and make this year the shift in direction I needed.

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