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Let me begin by saying this is something I have always wanted to do but never got around to it, the interactive garage walk around video has been rolling through my mind for a while now, I never like to do things by half’s and a go-pro walk around wasn’t going to cut it for me, so when Dean got a new camera he wanted to test out the video function of it, Lee Turner decided to take on the project and between all of us we came up with something I think you will enjoy.

But things never stay still or the same in my garage.

I am always thinking, none stop every minute of the day, I have always wanted all my cars at home, I don’t want to have to buy another hoist as I think they take up too much space (and money) so I came up with this setup.


I made up two A frame uprights from 50mmx50mmx2.5mm then joined them with 50mmx2mm round tube 2 meters apart, this makes for a strong and fairly light car stand. A few people have been worried about flex but I can assure you its fine, I have thoroughly tested it and it the side to side movement is minimal.


All I have to do to remove or fit the car is to fit the hoist with its 10 5/8 bolts and remove the car, the idea is to insert another 10 anchors into the concrete where the Hilux is, this will make my garage capable of holding 4 cars in two car spacers with one hoist.


I hope you enjoy the video, this is the first video that will kick off a series on both finished projects, ongoing projects and upcoming projects, you know I create enough stuff for a series so its time to start. Any comments or questions let me know.


Thanks Lee Turner for putting this together and making it happen!

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