Extreme S15 Build- Part 1

If you are a regular reader of ETS you would be familiar with this car, if you need a refresher then check out these links detailing my history with this S15.

Pulling it out of the container.

Stripping it down.

Building the Roll Cage.

JGTC Dreaming.

My direction for this car is to have a normal floorpan in the center of the chassis and then create front and rear clips that house the motor and suspension out front and the transaxle and suspension out the back.

To make this happen I had to expose the roll cage so I can begin designing the additional structures that will make this structure strong and rigid.

The tool I used was a reciprocating saw with an 18tpi blade and a 125mm angle grinder with a 1mm disk.

Only essential S15 items remain.

I tried to cut back to datum points that had flat surfaces and thick sections of material that would make adding strength back into these areas a lot easier.

Then it was time to make sure I had cut enough material away to allow the wheels enough room to articulate through their suspension travel.

The wheels in question are ex Japanese race items pulled from a Porsche, they measure 18×11 front and 18×13 rear, this means I can run Porsche Cup Car race slicks which are easy to get here in Australia.

This video explains the process I went through to make up the JIG.

The chassis pins I installed during the roll cage build really helped me align and position the JIG.

Now I can continue on with the build, so whats next?

It’s a bit of a waiting game, the motor is on its way from overseas, the crate will take a little while to arrive but I am excited to show you what I have for it, the SR20 addiction is over but the all alloy construction remains and I think you will agree that it’s a great choice for this platform.

I cant wait to get into chassis and suspension fabrication, I will keep you updated as I go.

Thanks for reading.

  1. This is awesome to see Nigel, keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see your powertrain selection!
    -Greetings from Arizona

  2. Awesome man. Been following your adventures and builds since the pile of parts that became the Hilux. Very inspirational. The quality of your layouts and approach keeps my faith in the future of bad ass motorized vehicles!!! Forward and up we go!

  3. Love the video. Great choice of car and wheels. Clean workshop, amazing designing, process and engineering. Really looking forward to your next update video on this S15 project.
    -Kiwi in GC AUS


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