S15 Project JTC Dreaming

It will come as no surprise to you but I have a tendency to get a little out of control.

The cars been hanging around the workshop while I have been busy getting all the fabrication courses shot, edited and uploaded in our new Skills section.

I’m a wheel guy, theres no denying that, its the first thing I think about and the decision drives what the rest of the car or motorcycle becomes, with the interior of the car essentially done I started thinking about the rest of the body. In recent times I have become a big fan of large grippy tyres, those Porsche cup cars really get me going too and I started looking into the wheel size I was putting on this car.

I have always been a fan of Japanese Grand Touring Cars and started looking into the wheel and tyre packages they run, needless to say they are large and fitting something like this requires a LOT of fabrication, perfect!

I managed to track down a set of Centerlock forged magnesium rims in 18×10 and 18×12 and while they float over the ocean my friend Ben leant me his 18×12 to check some measurements.

In my last post I showed you the removal of the SR20 out of the Hilux, this will get some upgrades and make its way into this chassis, preliminary plans for the chassis involve completely new tube work for the front and rear portion of the chassis, big wheel tubs, custom suspension and steering, some wider bodywork and an aero package that will hopefully stick it all to the ground and load up a set of very large slicks.

Your going to see all of this come together in-between the Skills courses that I am making, its going to be a wild ride so hold on!


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