SR20 Mild Steel Header Project

You’re probably sick of hearing it but I love my job! The new ETS subscription service is going well and I am full time producing projects and courses for our subscribers.

The latest Naturally Aspirated Header Fabrication course is now out but I will focus on that in another post, in this post I want to show you the low cost mild steel SR20 Header I built.

The best thing about producing these courses is that I need to make things to demonstrate the process “b roll for those in the industry” this mild steel header was a first for me and probably a little out of my comfort zone.

I chose to rewind my thought process to when I first started drifting, I was paying rent, paying off my car, buying tyres, trying to eat but at the same time had a huge interest in making my car perform better.

Parts were expensive and still are, a quality exhaust made to your specifications can cost as much as an engine itself, I remember buying the bends and tube from my local exhaust wholesaler, tuning my MIG welder in and making my own exhaust without any hassle of taking my car to a shop and risking an expensive dissapointment.

The aim here was to spend the least amount of money possible, thats around $500aud on parts and then use my MIG welder, angle grinder, file and a few smaller tools to make this come to life.

At the end of the day I ended up with an exhaust system that should work incredibly well for a bargain price, infact you could buy the materials and all the tools for the price of an off the shelf item and come away with some change plus the ability to take on any fabrication projects that utilise the same tools and skills.

Thats my aim here at Engineered to Slide, to guide you into those DIY jobs so you can spend more money on driving whilst learning real world skills that serve you in all aspects of life.

This skill along with all of my projects and courses are available for one low monthly or yearly subscription rate and it will give you the ultimate ETS experience.

Thanks for reading.

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