Hilux into hibernation

This Hilux build came about after removing the driveline from my two tone S13 way back in 2010 (which then went naturally aspirated in 2014) and in a roll reversal this Hilux will give up the engine, wiring loom and transmission for the S15 to come to life. It’s like history repeating itself and in this post I want to show you how easy it is to remove the driveline from the tube frame chassis.

Let me run you through the process.

Before I shot this video I actually pulled all the body off the Hilux to film the details of the chassis, Ill add some photos of the process.

I originally bought this S15 with the intention of cutting the body off it to utilise the floorpan for the Hilux project.

I decided not to cut it up and I am thankful for that, it fasttacked my initiation into motorsport fabrication and chassis design.

It was a learning curve and there is a lot of things I would do differently but i am still extremely proud of this car and the events and trackdays it has been a part of.

Once the body was back on it was time to remove the engine and transmission, you will see that unfold in the video.

I cant wait to get the package into the S15 and bang through that sequential gearbox! Stay tuned, I will make sure I cover it in detail.

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