BMW Chopper Project

About this time last year I had a brand new BMW motorcycle in my home workshop ready to transform it into an idea I had rolling around in my head.

That project was a dream of mine that I worked very hard on to make a reality.

It’s not only the build in itself it’s the whole deal that I have to make work to have any slight chance of ever working with these companies again.

Be it through luck or hard work BMW get it and were thrilled with your reception of the R Nine TE Racer.

So 2019 rolls around and I have a few more ideas that I want to see come to life and I know just the people to speak to.

Being involved with BMW motorcycles has always been a dream of mine, they are without a doubt the leaders in their field and to carry on this relationship with another build just makes it even sweeter.

So imagine rocking up to the BMW HQ and seeing a box with your name on it, a brand new motorcycle ready to be transformed into your vision.

Well it happened and it was a good time, I got to unbox the brand new bike and begin this process from the very beggining.

So what do you do with a perfectly good bike that is as brand new as you can get?

You pull it apart and begin the process of evolution.

In no time I had the bodywork removed and the bike on the engine stand on (that I luckily didn’t throw out from the R Nine TE build)

I feel like I have been here before, but this time we are going deeper!

It doesn’t take long to appreciate the quality of BMW motorcycles when your undoing the perfectly constructed fasteners.

Just like that we had all the parts that I didn’t need……

And those that I did.

In just a matter of hours I had a brand new bike out of the box, and then down to an engine, still without any grease or dirt on my hands, I could get used to this!

I took the motor and mounted it on a frame and thats where things got interesting. I got invited to Throttle Roll and decided showcase the unfinished build.

Because for me it is this stage that people don’t see enough and as a fabricator this is the moment that brings pure joy.

When that motor sits in its position, the tyres roll into the picture it all starts to become a reality and the components just start falling into place.

Speaking of components I had some quality parts to help me along the way.

The Option 719 parts are simply incredible.

Stepping into the Commune and into Throttle Roll

The R Nine TE Racer on display.

I never get tired of seeing it.

Kentaro Yoshida working on the concept of the backboard.

It was great to work with Kentaro and get this piece completed for the project.

If you would like to stay up to date with whats happening with BMW’s heritage line just hit this link and sign up for updates.

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