MotorEx 2019 in the RPS13

My new workshop has given me a new lease on life when it comes to events.

Having the extra room makes my life incredibly easy.

So when MotorEx came around I was excited to get packing and put on a show.

I loaded up the BMW R Nine TE, the Hilux, the flat track Harley, the RPS13 and a bunch of merch ready for a big weekend.

What I was most excited about was driving the RPS13 again. This car really is the perfect machine, rough enough to enjoy, clean enough to be proud of and in a completely reliable state of tune.

This year I spent a few more hours on prepping it than usual, I had brand new Falken RT615K+ tyres to use so I thought I would concentrate on making the most of them.

I set up my string alignment tool and got the car squared up, I cant remember the last time I did that and it is fair to say that it needed it. The alignment was way out but after 15 minutes it was all true and fitted up with fresh rubber.

With the stand setup inside the hall I could get ready to drive.

A quick once over and it I was ready to get the helmet on and drive.

It had been a year since I had drifted this car and I got right back in the groove first lap out. The Falken RT615K tyres hooked up perfectly and the car felt absolutely perfect.

The grip, consistancy, feeback and feel that these tyres had made driving a breeze, I didn’t have to fight the car I just had to manipulate it through the course.

I changed tyres and went straight back out spending over 4 hours in the car over the entire weekend.

But it wasn’t just drifting that MotorEx had to offer, there were a bunch of other great features

I got to speak at the Speedhunters live site about the BMW R Nine TE build, and then check out everything on the grass and in the halls.

Just loved this machine, had a chat to the owner and loved every detail.

Liam Hill had his sports sedan on display, it is going through some changes but loved to see it in this state.

It is a work of art.

You can see more of it half way through this video.

I had the Hilux on display and as always it really got some attention. It has been 5 years now since I finished it.

Add to that the RPS13 has remained relatively unchanged for 10 years and it makes me think I need a new project.

Well stay tuned, because I think something is brewing!

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