Making it to Dust Hustle

Well I finally made it!

For years now I have watched this bi annual event that Ellaspede affectionately call Dust Hustle grow and grow.

I have wanted to be a part of it for a long time, it hasn’t been for the lack of trying either, but this year I made it.

In my last post I was in Sydney for Throttle Roll, thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate and create BMW’s latest custom motorcycle and also display the R Nine TE Racer with pride.

The following weekend was the Dust Hustle event, it is situated just inland of the Gold Coast and Sydney marked the halfway point, why not continue the good times and keep going up to the Gold Coast.

Between drifting and motorcycle events I have travelled the east coast more than a few times.

If I get the chance to checkout Stockton Beach then I take it and this time I got to really enjoy it.

I picked up my steed for Dust Hustle in Sydney and had the chance to get used to it for a few days.

What better way to introduce it to the loose stuff than to take it for a rip on the dunes.

Riding on sand takes some skill, some bikes can be a nightmare in this situation but the BMW Scrambler with all its torque just powered up onto the top and ripped along the picturesque coastline.

There are not many riding locations in Australia that top this one for me.

But I had an event to get to and it was Dust Hustle!

Dean flew in and helped me setup our BMW tent, everything looked great with the new chopper build display, the R nine TE build on display, the Scrambler that I was racing and then another Scrambler that was being used by Zye my team mate for the day.

It was one of the most entertaining riders briefings that I had ever been a part of, Hughan has been a long time friend of mine and killed it on the MC duties for Ellaspede.

The “Risky Road Bikes” class had some crazy entries.

In the last week I had been ripping through the inner city of Sydney, out into the National Parks of NSW, riding tight single track enduro trails, sand dunes and long highways, now I was on a Motorcross track and loving the diversity that the R Nine T Scrambler offers.

My team mate Zye unloaded his Scrambler ready for a good day out at Queensland Moto Park.

All suited up and ready to party.

For a completely legal and reliable bike these things are FUN!

Three different tracks with 45 minute sessions on each.

Gave me plenty of time to get the bike moving just how I wanted.

At over 200kg sometimes you have to think about winding it back a little.

Because when the inevitable happens you do not want to be under that thing!

Overall I had the best time!

As the sun started to set the body started to feel a little tired, but the adrenaline kept me going.

To be honest I didn’t really know how the bikes would fair.

But as the day came to an end I had complete confidence in my machine, sure there are a bunch of modifications I would do to it but it wasn’t designed for what I just put it through.

That smile says it all really!

Big thanks to BMW Australia for literally “making life a ride” Dean for flying up, Zye and Sierra for teaming up with us, Dust Hustle and the crew at Ellaspede for putting on the event, everyone who came up and checked out the bikes, cheered us on and had a beer after the racing finished.

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