ETS Drift Ute – Warming up for the Geelong Revival

It’s been a while since I pushed the start button on the Hilux, it’s still such a relief to me that I am able to just jump inside this, push the button and have some fun when the opportunity arises.


The opportunity came about after a chat to the Geelong Revival Staff, I wanted to scrub in a set of tyres before the event this weekend, they had just the location to do it aswell.


It seemed like a perfect opportunity to get Lee and Dean involved and get some footage and photos in this old abandoned warehouse.


The grounds of the old Distillery were all ours for the afternoon.


Just rolling around in this puts a smile on my face.


The initial plan was to just scrub in some tyres and burn up some fuel.


But like always we got a little carried away.


It all happens so fast.


The amount of grip this has blows me away every time.


I couldnt stop thinking about that time at Hampton Downs in NZ filming for Dream Build Drive where I snapped both half shafts on the first burnout attempt.


With the GTR diff and driveshafts its a lot stronger but it still takes some effort to get it turning hard.

Come to the Geelong Revival this weekend to see the Hilux in the flesh!

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