Flat Track Funday – 23rd August

The first one was so good we are doing it all again.

Flat track racing is pretty simple, go fast, turn left and repeat until your so worn out you cant do it any longer. I am lucky enough to have access to the best facility Australia has to offer, RidePark, just a short distance from Melbournes western suburbs it hosts the ever expanding Engineered To Slide Flat Track Funday events.

Robert from RidePark has prepared a short track around 400m in length that has to be ridden to be appreciated, come and give it a try, the feeling of being sideways on your motorcycle is something else, you wont be disappointed!

Rider registration can be done HERE, apon registration you will get your forms and all the information you need, if you have any questions email me on [email protected]


Huge thanks to Damon for the artwork, if you need anything creative done then hes your man!

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