ETS Moto Build – 5 minutes a day

ETS Moto Build from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.

In between normal life, work and all the other things happening at the moment I get to spend some time with my bike project. The hardest thing about this project is resisting the urge to not rush it, I wanted to test myself with this project, I wanted to be clean, precise, methodical in the way I build it. Using chromoly means I measure 3 times and cut once, I put together this little clip to give you an indication of what happens when I find some spare time to spend on it.

I have been riding my 250 KTM a lot lately, every time I ride it I imagine what the 450 will be like, I want to make it as functional as possible with the major emphasis on power to weight, I want it to look spectacular and I want to be able to ride it in a spectacular way. I cant wait to blast down the road on 1 wheel!

  1. Wow, i love your work, but you’re doing all the coping by hand? check into getting a belt grinder with some coping wheels. The video on the main page shows you whats possible with them.

  2. What cold cut saw do you use?

    • Looks like a Brobo industrial one

  3. so good, if you made one like this for the entirety of the build i would watch it no mater how long it turned out to be


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