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So time flys when your having fun right? Well my little 3 week make over that I did on my 2008 KTM 250 EXC-F over 2 years ago is still going strong and some great new pictures by my good friend Dean Walters have sparked me to give you a refresh on how the bikes going.

_B0V4743 copy

This bike was never meant to stay like this, it was a quick build that filled a void, a void that I wanted to fill with a larger capacity road bike, there was nothing on the market that I wanted and every lead took me to building my own, I was deep in the middle of the Hilux build and everything was focused on that, but I just needed to get away from it every now and then and this was what I needed.

_B0V4462 copy

There is no better feeling than the sun shining, firing up your bike and setting out for adventure, its that sense of freedom that you get on a bike that sends a refreshing feeling sweeping through your body.

_B0V4892 copy

When your riding something that you have built it gives that sense of refreshment a spice of accomplishment aswell.

_B0V4817 copy

The 250F engine has proven to be a great little motor, lacking some torque but allowing the bike to do everything I want it to. I have owned this bike since new from 2007, it allowed me to get my motorcycle licence and learn all about the joys of riding.


Last week I decided to give the KTM a small makeover, just a quick freshen up as two years of riding had started to take its toll on the bodywork.


I shifted the tank forward another 50mm


Dropped the rear suspension another 50mm, remade the tail section a little longer and sleeker, intergrated the tailight into the rear and also mounted the indicators in the tail.


I cut a 40mm hole into the back of the head light and inserted the wiring loom inside it to delete all the mess over the front end, I also cut the springs in the forks another 70mm, that now brings the lowering of the front around the 200mm mark.

_B0V5573 copy

Its still a dirt bike at heart, although the front end feels rather average its still great fun to blast around sideways in the dirt.

_B0V5604 copy

Its different to think of it as the bike it once was, essentially it could be put back to a dirt bike within a few hours, I made it that way because it was just something to fill a void while I finished the Hilux, then I could start on my new 100% hand built KTM 450.

_B0V5534 copy

That new KTM is in the works now, the Hilux is finished but this bike is here to stay, I couldn’t imagine life without it and it shares some pretty good memories of all those times we went somewhere together.

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  1. i must say this bike is sexy as fuck


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