Tour of NZ – The drag strip

I have only ever done two passes down the drag strip and that was over 6 years ago, a lot has changed since then and I was looking forward to getting out there and stretching the Hiluxs legs.

In all honesty I had the most fun, I only pushed it 75% with weak launches and never 100% throttle because my mind was constantly on the track day I had planned at Hampton Downs, breaking the Hilux on the 1/4 mile was not an option, having some fun and demonstrating its potential over the 4 passes was my goal, with my speed around the 180kmh mark it was good to know that the Hilux could handle that type of speed.


The gearbox was simply amazing, under hard acceleration its a joy to drive, the harder you push the car the nicer it is to use, selecting gears clutchless with only a small lift off the throttle was the best feeling you could ever imagine.

But by far the best feeling was ending the day with the ute running and the prospect of getting it to Hampton Downs Racetrack ready to film and finish the documentary.

Thanks to Taryn for the photos, for more action check Speedhunters

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