ETS Drift Ute – Shafted

The much anticipated tail shaft has arrived, it’s been the missing link in the driveline since last friday and subsequently missed an opportunity to test the overall package over the weekend.


But once Pete and Rick had the parts they needed they whipped this up straight away.


In the past Pete and Rick have modified all my tails hafts and I usually just get them to shorten or lengthen them. Pete never likes the idea and cringes when I ask him to reuse the worn out old Nissan universal joints.


But this time we did it right, because the front yoke was the same as a Turbo 400 output we went the STRANGE yoke and that set the scene for a full motorsport 2000+hp drag capable tailshaft thats way overbuilt for my application, I don’t think you can argue with an overbuilt tailshaft and gearbox though right?

  1. cant wait to see this thing sooting around a racetrack (sideways of course)

  2. whats the tacked washer for?

    to show if there the shaft has twisted or?

  3. I’m guessing the washer was added to balance it. Most shafts even oem have something similar.


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