ETS Drift Ute – 3 steps forward

Tonight I spent some time getting my measurements right, the last measurement to triple check was the tailshaft, I dropped the parts and dimensions off to Pete Smith from A1 Tailshafts today and he promised that he would take a look at it over the weekend. Thats Petes way of saying he will do me a favour and get it done so I can test it later next week.


I couldn’t help but think that if my tailshaft measurement was wrong I would be in a world of pain next week, the only way I could put my mind at ease was to fit the box in the chassis and take the actual measurement, sure enough it was spot on and now I could take a look at all the other dimension differences with this gearbox.


The shifter mechanism is somewhere between the UK and Australia and will fit in the exact location of my old shifter, having no H pattern anymore the sequential shift design will help the handbrake location which is a little hard to find in the heat of battle.


Actually just as I’m writing this I received an email from Alex at Quaife letting me know I might see the shifter tomorrow, getting excited now to fill this hole!


The hydraulic release assembly is finished, I spaced it 15mm off the nose of the gearbox to make it contact and release just in the right spot.


The gearbox crossmember integrated so nicely into the chassis, it paid off to make threaded holes in the chassis so that any assembly could be bolted to it.


So early next week I might be able to scrub off all of this tyre pick up off.

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  1. Yum sequential shifter o.o That’ll be nice I bet!


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