ETS Drift Ute – The dream driveline

Let me start by saying it wasn’t a good feeling spending the required $$ on this stuff.


But tonight changed all of those feelings, working with motorsport specific hardware is something you don’t fully appreciate till you do it, I spent a lot of time tonight working on a few aspects of the Quaife gearbox conversion.


Good friend Stewart Furze helped me out on the hydraulic clutch release bearing setup, gone is the slave cylinder and fork release setup found on most production cars in favour for this simple hydraulic piston arrangement.


Think of it as a single piston disk brake calliper, thats basically how it works, fluid gets pumped into it via your foot and hydraulic fluid simply expands the piston to release the fingers on the clutch.


The two ports are simply for pressure and bleed, because its encased by the bell housing you need an external bleeder setup because once the gearbox is on the motor this assembly is totally hidden. Ill be mounting fittings on the bell housing so I can plumb, bleed and quick disconnect via a dry break valve for easy tool free removal.


Because Quaife made this for another customer I wasn’t sure what setup was required, I need to make a 15mm spacer anyway so these holes will only be used to mount the spacer.


Theres a lot of maths involved, its paramount you get the clearances on all of this right, its also possible to overtravel the piston so the pedal needs a stopper to prevent overtravel of the clutch.


Another very important job to get organised was the tailshaft, after a trip to Peter Smiths tailshaft shop he prefers the hardened chromoly “Strange” universal slip joint rather than the Quaife supplied unit, it means 4 less bolts and an eliminated possible vibration.


Inside the gearbox is two rows of roller bearings, this means the slip joint needs to be hardened or it won’t last very long. The final length is 1295mm from the seal on the gearbox to the face of the diff flange, ill drop my measurements off to him tomorrow and plead for him to do it ASAP, this time next week I want it well and truly going.

  1. Well I just learned a whole lot, cheers

    • Thats a good thing Ben, thanks for reading

  2. sweet strange

  3. Nigel, what about the bell housing? Does Quaife make various bells for different engines? I’m going for the QKE8J one day at that uses the stock Honda housing.

    • Im using an SR20 Auto bellhousing but yes quaife make plenty of different ones to suit all types of engines

    • I think he said a few posts back he would use the bell housing off an auto SR20.

  4. SR20?

  5. Oops, missed it.


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