ETS Drift Ute – Aluminium Alignment

Its been a long week, trying to be as prepared as I can so that next week can be a little less busy, heres what happened friday night, nothing like some progress to finish the working week.


The adapter for the SR auto bell housing to Quaife gearbox is now done, I made the internal lip 20mm thick and the bolt face 20mm thick aswell.


This gives me a total bell housing length of 183mm and makes the shifter sit in the perfect position.


Unfortunately the pretty side is hidden.


I sat it all together on the motor without the clutch in, the adapter is an interference fit into the bell housing and before I drilled and tapped into it I wanted to make sure it was clocked in the right position.


Removed from the gearbox I could now mark back six of these holes and drill them 8.5mm


And tap them M10x1.5mm


I could then assemble the clutch with the new plates to suit the larger input shaft and use the gearbox to align it all.


I also fitted a roller bearing into the crank, just to make things a little nicer.


With the clutch in, bell housing done, clutch lines on their way, shifter on its way, tailshaft getting done this weekend, I think I’m in for a quiet weekend. Might have to get the KTM out and blast some trails!

  1. You sir, are a nutter. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ah… fantastic! I come in from the garage working on my build (somewhat inspired by your awesome work) to find a fresh update from you doing the same! Always a great read. Cheers for further inspiration with every post!

  3. What was it before the roller-bearing?

    • Most likely just the usual brass style pilot bearing

  4. For those of you that aren’t aware, the roller bearing style pilot bearing is not recommended for the street as it’s not a sealed unit and is intended for legit race cars where it can be changed often. It will pick up debris and quickly become trash. Just a heads up.

  5. hey if i lived those ways id ask to join on said trail blasting haha

    been a while since iv been for a decent ride

    looks like this is all coming together nicely too

  6. You’ve mentioned this before but what do you use to clean up engine blocks? Top work as usual!


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