Behind – The tale of ETS


As my friend Matthew Cox’s masterpiece goes live around the world I was asked to do a summary of the build. It took me a while to get it down to something as simple as this.

“6 years ago I had a vision that wouldn’t leave my mind, for over 3 years I mentally worked through the steps that would turn this vision into a reality, 2.5 years ago that mental build up jumped from my head and into my hands, through hard work, persistence, skill and a lot of effort what I once thought was inconceivable is quickly becoming a reality before my eyes. Take a journey into my world and see behind the ETS Drift Ute”

Id like to thank Matthew Cox and Timothy Coghill for giving this masterpiece to myself and everyone who finds what I do interesting.

BEHIND Nigel Petrie from Matthew Cox on Vimeo.