ETS Drift Ute – Weekend Edition


Your basically looking at my entire weekend, friday night I got home from work and got straight into it, saturday I spent ALL DAY in here and then backed it up on sunday.


I spent two entire days going through every single part, making sure it was clean, painted and most of all will be ready for the final assembly.


It was such a good feeling going over every part and applying the finishes touches.


All the alloy sheet was finished with a scrubbing pad to take the sheen off it and add a subtle brushed aluminium look.


I put the chassis up on the hoist and removed all the screws I had inserted for powder coating.


I called in some help, my mum and dad came over and gave the cars a wash while they were out, thanks mum and dad!


Im tired but super excited, all my suspension arms will be coated and ready to pick up tomorrow, my exhaust housing and manifold combo will be back from Hi Octane Performance coaters this week, the cab and panels will be painted by the end of this week and a heap of other stuff is going on also, this re-assembly will be a blast!

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  1. Re-assembly will be like the best lego kit ever


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