ETS Drift Ute – Chrome Bumpers only!


Theres a number of good things about building a full tube frame Hilux, one of them being body parts are plentiful, you see our tradies here in Aus arnt the most careful when it comes to their trusty work ute, Toyota know this and buying genuine parts is unbelievably expensive. Theres a heap of imported panel places around though and I have been getting reproduction items from a local shop.


I decided to ditch the ill fitting 99 bumper and valance for the 02 bumper as it suits the guards bonnet and grille, I actually ordered a grey bumper but when it arrived it was chrome, not wanting to waste any time I thought I would run with it and get it sandblasted and powdercoated down the track. So what do you think? Leave it or coat it?

PS the filler panel under the grille is also new, I have to remove those packing labels and throw some white paint on it.

Oh and thats its ride hight, I might order a few more valances because I think they will be going through a few……

  1. chrome and white go good together maybe even try out a white coated valance

  2. Stay chrome it looks great

  3. definately chrome bumper for me !


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