Moto Build – JIGing the night away


It feels really good to have all these parts layed out, last week I couldn’t get a feel for this build. I originally planned to do a spoked classic style bobber until I found these wheels, at that point it threw me way off. I dont do any Solidworks drawings, freehand drawings or anything like that, everything is straight out of my brain, infact when I stand back and look at something I have built I am always genuinely surprised. This freedom style of building isnt easy but its very rewarding.


So the wheels are in their position, the forks are roughly in the ballpark (25 degrees) and now I have the motor sitting in the ballpark aswell.


The motor is a 2010 KTM 450 EXC item that will power this sub 100kg bike to one wheeled freedom, I’m not interested in crazy top speeds, I’m more interested in that single cylinder heartbeat I have grown to love and that FCR whistle.

Now anyone have an Ohlins rear shock and linkage they would care to lend me for eternity?

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  1. there were 2 triumph daytona 675r at wreck auctions in melbourne the last few weeks. would be great to use the brembo’s and ohlins off those great bikes, i would love to see you use the triple motor out of it too but it sounds like you love the single cylinder life


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