ETS Drift Ute – Quick update


What a massive couple of days, last week was a bit of a headache, making sure i had everything ready to go for a long night of refitting friday night. Ill try and give you a quick run down on how it went.


With the engine assembled and the turbo side finished (notice the welded exhaust housing and dump adapter) it was time to lift it all up and send it home, i wanted to make sure the clutch was disengaging properly first. To do that i slid it in the engine bay, connected the clutch line and bled the system, it bled up after a while but thats always the case with a completely dry system. The throw on the fork was perfect and the clutch was disengaging, (pop it into gear, turn the crank with a ratchet and hold the output shaft to make sure its not spinning)


I fitted up the exhaust and went over everything to make sure it was all tight.


I worked till about 2am until basically the entire chassis was together, leaving me a few loud jobs to complete on saturday morning. The front removable tube section needed some work, i wasnt happy at how the oil cooler was mounted, so i redid and am much happier.


Just about everything is now fitted and tight, the brakes are bled, the clutch works, the power steering system is oiled up and complete, the motors full of oil and plumbed, i now only have a small list of jobs to do, pretty excited to be honest.


So i have tomorrow to finish off a few little jobs, then monday i pick up Andre and Ben and then its time to wire and tune it, then maybe take it for a spin. Next few weeks are going to be insane and i cant wait for it!

Theres a stack of details i have skipped over but ill try and get right down to the details in another post.

Thanks Martin, Frank, Jords and Shieldsy for there hand last night.

  1. Will be such a good feeling to drive this under its own power for the first time. You’ve earned it though, congrats!

  2. Are you running oil and fuel pressure sensor signals in through the link? we set up a few pressure vs rpm and boost cuts to help safe gaurd race engines. Would be worth the effort in your case.

  3. This thing is amazing, would look so much better on the track with no panels!

  4. What diameter is your exhaust setup?

  5. Those look like carbon ceramic brakes in the front and metal brakes in the rear. Or are my eyes deceiving me?


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