ETS Drift Ute – Fitting Fetish


No this isnt Bob Marleys dreadlocks with annodized beads, this is my entire fuel, oil and coolant system plumbing. Im on my way to Hydraulink Hydraulics in Geelong, massive thanks to these guys for working out the amount of crimp we need on the collar, theres absolutely no information from Earls when fitting Auto Mate hose ends with Pro Light 350 hose.


Like everyone i love fittings, but i get a bit over the standard red and blue anodizing, i think theres enough red anodizing on the QA1 suspension rose joints so i went with an all blue fitting.


These are Earls Auto Mate hose ends with Auto Crimp collars, the hose is Earls Pro-Light 350 nylon braid hose and as its name suggests is super lightweight. After years of working with stainless braid it can become a little bit difficult to route, if the stainless braid rubs on anything it can do serious damage, the nylon braid is soft and wont harm any of the surfaces it touches. Combined with the neat crimping collars and alloy fittings its a robust, simple, cheap (as far as hose ends go) and effective solution thats dead easy to fit together.


Thanks to Hydraulink in Geelong for helping me out with the crimp specs and doing crimping in such a little time frame.

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  1. Hope you know a guy when it comes to those fittings considering the amount of them on that ute, the fittings on my surge tank alone nearly sent me broke. Keep up the good work 🙂


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