ETS Drift Ute – HPA Day 1


So the day i have been waiting for has arrived, ever since reaching out to Andre and Ben from STM i have had one goal and thats to finish the mechanicals to a point where Andre can wire everything in and get this thing into action.


After a hearty Aussie breakfast Andre started his plan, drawing up a list of sensors and hardware that needed wiring in to the loom.


It didn’t take long for him to kick into action, running the 16mm battery cable to the starter motor, 13mm to the Smartwire and Alternator, then terminating (fitting a plug) to the Cam Sync, Crank Trigger and Boost control solenoid.


I was busy getting all those little finishing pieces done, here i am welding a 3AN fitting onto the intercooler hot pipe.


I fitted a new wastegate spring to get boost to 14psi on the spring without any assistance from the pressure coming from the boost control solenoid, believe me you NEED TO CLAMP these things to the bench!

I am super happy about how day 1 went, that fear of not having a critical part seemed to pass as the day went on and every time i add something for the last time and torque it up to the final spec i get that feeling that things are actually happening.

Massive thanks to Ben and Andre for their help, its a pretty amazing thing to just fly out and help someone in another country. Im more than stoked with the level these guys are on and am keen to learn everything i can throughout the process.

Check out HP Academy for lots more info on whats going on.

Day 1 – Engineered to Slide x High Performance Academy – Wiring and Tuning from High Performance Academy on Vimeo.

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  1. Dude, love ur builds, been following the ute for some time now
    but I’m sorry the photo of you clamping it to the bench, I had to do a double take,
    looks like your wearing just a shirt and going commando on the bottom halve 😉


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