ETS Drift Ute – Day 5


Day 5, the weekend, today I planned to finish off a few things, the first was the air inlet. It needed some trimming to get the clearance around the thermo fan right, its good enough for the moment and will be a prototype when the time comes to redo it.


I made a mount for a kill switch that serves as a master power cut for the Smartwire, because every single powered item in this build is controlled by the Smartwire it negates the need for a conventional battery cut off. This makes a neat solution to an often messy and bulky system.


Andre is putting the finishing touches on the engine loom, this is looking and fitting amazingly well. This is truly a world class job and I am super impressed with how its coming together.


So tomorrow the engine loom will be finished, the ECU to bulkhead loom will be finished, ill fill it up with some fuel, and we will attempt to get this fired into life and off to the dyno.

Im so excited and also very tired, 2 years in the making and its coming down to the next 5 days. Hold on its going to be a wild ride.

Day 5 – Engineered to Slide x High Performance Academy – Tuning, Wiring and Fabrication from High Performance Academy on Vimeo.

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  1. Loving the update videos!

  2. *waits for sundays vid*

  3. cant wait for todays up date

  4. Could watch and look at the pic all day !! Amazing work!! Inspired e to buy a tig

  5. Such an inspiring build! The attention to detail is world class! Hanging out for the Dyno session and webinar on tuesday!


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