Put simply last night was amazing, I am so happy to announce that its running.


Andre finished the loom and the results were incredible, a Mill Spec loom isnt just called that because of the connector, it is an entirely different process to any normal loom, I didn’t understand until i witnessed the amount of time and effort Andre and (sometimes) Ben put into it.


While the F1’s were on the television Andre was checking and calibrating the sensors, I spent a lot of time running round and mounting things up and checking fluids.


Then the time came to actually fire it up, I was so happy that all the timing and trigger wheels worked as they should and it sounded amazing.


Now its time for the dyno, thanks for all the support throughout the build and im looking forward to bringing you the results from the dyno.

Day 6 – Engineered to Slide x High Performance Academy – Tuning, Wiring and Fabrication from High Performance Academy on Vimeo.

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  1. Just took a cheeky break from an emissions project due in in 12 hours to watch this…. Love the day by day updates… Congrates Nig cant wait for the dyno vid…


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