Japan – Hakone Skyline

Only a few Mountains away from the Toyo Tyres Turnpike the Hakone Skyline drive is another amazing road.

Its a busy saturday morning for car enthusiast’s in the Hakone area, the weathers perfect, the roads perfect and i took a drive to check it out.

You could seriously just setup a camp chair and spend the day roadside watching the cars and bikes rip up these amazing roads.

After the toll is payed its game on, a lot of guys were going flat out

With amazing views around every corner

I think this bike was an RD350 2 stroke

Van life

Apparently this intersection is good to warm the rear tyres….

Early Lotus?

It suprised me how many NSXs are driving around Japan

A neat RX8 on Prodrive wheels

Super clean CB650 Honda

I love the 2 door WRX, this is the wider 22B version

One second after i took this photo a Ferrari F40 screamed past me and before i knew it it was gone, i lost my breath and questioned what i had just saw, i just saw a Ferrari F40, on the road, screaming past me, never before have i ever seen one drive, i would have done anything to see that again and take a photo.

This road is well used and can be seen in some early street drift videos on Youtube

I guess the toll gates would be closed at night and the drifters would have this access road to use all night without any traffic.

From here i was headed around Mt Fuji and into the Speedway………

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