180SX – A Dyno night

With the upcoming ADGP at Calder Park and then WTAC at Eastern Creek i wanted to have the 180SX performing at its peak, the one person i have entrusted with all my tuning is Sam affectionately referred to as the Dr of drift.

I unloaded the car and had it all ready to strap down to Sams dyno

Once its on the rollers we strap it down, add a MAP sensor, knock sensor, headphones, and an 02 sensor

After a quick ramp up under full power we knew something wasn’t right, the waste gate wouldn’t open and therefore the Power FC would hit the boost cut.

After some trouble shooting we worked out the diaphram in the waste gate was split, the car had to be taken off the dyno, the old waste gate removed and then i drove the 2 hour round trip to get a new one i had at home. It was back on and then the car back on the dyno.

We ended up running the boost on spring pressure which was around the 18psi mark.

Sam worked his magic and we came up with a decent 265rwkw on 98 octane BP Ultimate, this car has a power band that is so linear and smooth, the TD06 gives the internally stock SR some real heart.

Last year we tuned the car to around 255rwkw and this year i wanted a little more, if we hadn’t made such good power i had planned to run some 110 octane fuel, but I’m happy with 265rwkw so we called it a night. Thanks to Sam at Dr Drift for the effort he puts in to each and every tune.

  1. Hope 265kw is enough to conquer Eastern creek this year.

  2. how the hell do you get it up Sams driveway lol that thing is steep

  3. Nice write up.

  4. Keep it reliable. You don’t have the 11 million sponsors the other guys do.

  5. do you have a picture or anything of the dyno chart? curious of the power band with the td06.

  6. not keen on tryin e85? or power plus 110? would make more power safely…

    also looks awesome nearly bottoming out on the ground strapped onto the dyno.. would of been fun for sam to tie the car down haha.. rear bar off?


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